Coal Deposit Geology

Our team has extensive knowledge and operational experience in exploration, resource evaluation and production geology. Our team is comprises of experienced geologists who have worked at various open cut and underground coal mines. Our capabilities and experience encompasses brown, thermal and metallurgical coal.

Metalliferous Deposit Geology

Our team has extensive knowledge and operational experience in mineral exploration, resource evaluation and surface and underground production geology. Our capabilities and experience cover various base and precious metals and a diverse range of geological terrains, deposit types and mineralisation styles.

Engineering Geology And Geotechnical Engineering

Our team comprised experienced engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers who are proficient in site investigations, geotechnical ground models, geotechnical design, construction monitoring and operational support. Our teams capabilities and experience include civil infrastructure projects and operational mine sites.

Mine Design And Mine Planning

At Raine & Associates we are committed to providing honest and robust mining design and mine planning solutions. Our extensive knowledge base and operational experience allows our team to offer collaborative, reliable and innovative solutions encompassing engineering geology, geotechnical engineering, mine engineering, and mine closure planning.

Meet our Company

At Raine & Associates, our team is comprised of skilled professionals who provide consulting services to the Energy & Resources and Civil Infrastructure markets. Our extensive knowledge base and operational experience allow our team to offer collaborative and reliable services that encompass the disciplines of geology, engineering geology, geotechnical engineering and mining engineering. The diversity and depth of experience within our consultancy team allows us to work as trusted advisors within our clients’ teams, where our consultants can share their knowledge, experience and ideas.

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